• How to Find Your Stolen Phone

    Get proof it's yours.
    Anybody could walk up and say "Hey, that's my phone!" What you need is evidence to back up your claim. Dig up the receipt and paperwork from your purchase, or if that's not available, a bill should do the trick—it's got your phone number listed right at the top, along with your name and address.
    Report the theft to the police.
    It only takes a few minutes and a little paperwork to file a police report. Don't expect the local constable to rush out and dust for fingerprints, or put out an APB for your phone. But when you do locate it, you'll be able to call in backup should the need arise.
    Inform your service provider.
    Give them copies of your phone receipts and police report paperwork, then request that they inform you when your phone is activated by someone else.
    Get a subpoena.
    Your service provider will not be legally allowed to give you any additional information about the whereabouts of your phone, but once they’ve confirmed that someone else has it, you can try to get the police to issue a subpoena for the release of additional information.
    If all else fails:
    Add your phone’s IMEI number to a free global database. If your phone is found, the IMEI number then can be used to contact you.